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King Kong Extreme (Zipline)

On Roatán the zip line experience is good, with lots of variety, here and there. So this past weekend we got invited by our friends on King Kong Extreme Zipline, a new attraction right next the main port in Coxen Hole, and I must say I was amazed. It was not my first time on a zip line, I’ve done some on the mainland and some on Roatan as well, and I had my fun, but this one was special.

King Kong Extreme ZIpline, which is the new kid in town, was fantastic. The moment we started climbing the hill on a narrow and steep road I knew I was on a great adventure, the great green hills of Roatán, the pristine blue waters right in front were just perfect. And then came the lines, I must say I felt safe all the way coming down, the guides (Elder, Patrick and Henry I can’t remember all the names, sorry guys…) were very helpful and professional, making sure we had lots of fun and helping us with pictures and video, so we did not need to worry about anything but enjoying the ride.

The lines were longer and higher over the woods than expected, great! In my mind that meant more fun, more speed, and it was. There were two parallel lines in each section, one where you slide on and one for security, both perfectly and professionally secured to a tree, that suffers no damage, except for the weight of the lines and humans hanging on them. We wore helmets, professional grade leather gloves, professional harnesses, the whole nine yards. The guides gave us a little introduction as well about security that we need to know before we start, as per communication signs, how to slow down on the line, when to stop, when to let go, We learned some tricks too. I remember the “superman”, the “Titanic”, the “inverted fly” and some others. It was definetly a day worth spending like that.

I recomend you use solar filter, the sun is something to always consider and also to be very well hidrated, always pay attention to the guides and signs and you too will have a fun day to remember at King Kong Extreme Zip line.


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