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Sky Nights December 8th 2017

First of all i need to say one thing and get it off my chest right away, all the staff that works at Sky on Pristine Bay are just great, service was spectacular. The party took us out of the tipical West End routine, which is a lot to say since the possibilities are somehow limited, this party was FUN, lot of interesting and fun people. I beleive it’s impossible not to think why didn’t they do this party before, like where have this party been all my life! I’m actually looking forward for the next one, taking place next Saturday, if I’m not mistaken, the 16th, i just can’t wait, meanwhile check out the cool pics me and my buddy Juancho shot at the party, last night. Oh! One more thing, Pelon Deejay just outdone himself with the plates this time, and I’m sure we all thank him for that! Cheers!

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